The projects are being added by CECL in pursuit of serving the Wind Energy sector more and more and better and better. It has been a grand achievement that most wide varierty of services have been successfully provvided by CECL which include: Site Identification, Wind Resource Assessment, Micro-siting, Energy estimation, Validation, Feasibility studies, Detailed Project Report preparation, Design and Engineering, etc. CECL also provides services of Due diligence, procurement and contracting, Project management, Monitoring etc.

The experience, expertise and always successful and punctual accomplishments, have made CECL to be one of the most reliable and result oriented Consultant today. As the journey continues, we have achieved the following so far:

1. The Site Identification projects numbering 33 for total 3796 Mega Watts

2. The Wind Resource Assessment projects numbering 73 for total 9257 Mega Watts

3. The Validation of Energy Estimation projects numbering 118 for total 5088 Mega Watts

4. The Feasibility study assignments numbering 44 for total 1902 Mega Watts

5. The Design and Engineering projects numbering 30 for total 2202 Mega Watts

6. The Due Diligence assignments numbering 37 for total 2385 Mega Watts


The other projects and assignments are tabulated in graph below.


As on Mar.,2018

Achieve and Deliver - is our Tradition