What is this business?

Generate electricity from renewable sources like the sun and wind, store them in batteries and use them in battery operated vehicles, telecom towers and hamlets. Ideally suited for Small Towns, Road-Sides and Remote Areas.

Operate as a SERVICE PROVIDER for meeting huge energy demand of:

  • Electric Vehicles
  • Telecom Towers
  • Tourist Lodges in Scenic Spots
  • Hamlets in Remote Areas
Deploy Renewable Energy for Many other Rural Applications

Is this business profitable?

Per investment of Rs. 5 Lakhs for 5 kW Solar Plant You can earn Monthly Income of Rs. 10,000/- or more.


Cash rich business. Profitable, easy to run and maintain. Replacement of Electricity from DG Sets. Power from DG typically Costs Between Rs. 30/- to Rs. 40/- per kWh compared to Rs. 20/- to Rs. 25/- for power from renewable energy. The projects have high flexibility. Project size can be MICRO, MINI or MEGA. Individually or jointly Implementable.


Electricity Demand at remote and rural areas shall be rising exponentially through introduction of :
  • Electric Vehicles, Telecom Towers and Tourist Lodges in Scenic Spots.
  • Presently the demand is met through Diesel Generating (DG) sets - which is exorbitantly costly and highly polluting.
  • Conventional electricity grid is either non-existent or unreliable and erratic.


Local Renewable Energy (RE) sources like Wind or Solar or may be hybrid combination in decentralized locations can generate electricity.

The variable wind or solar energy produced needs to be stored in Battery to meet the requirement on demand.

These are small but modular in nature to produce from Watt to Kilowatt and even Megawatt.


Engineers/ MBAs/ Graduates can now start their own business as "SERVICE PROVIDERS"
  • To produce pollution free electricity through Renewable Energy sources
  • Store it in Battery Banks
  • Deliver the energy when and where it is needed
It is a composite service which will be in high demand particularly in rural / remote area.


This Business venture becomes instantly viable and profitable since it shall be replacing the prohibitively costly electricity produced by DG sets which varies from Rs.30 to 40 per kWh unit.

The steady electricity supplied through Battery Bank would cost between Rs. 20 to Rs. 25 after consideration of cost of generating plants, extra cost of storage and profit/ earning of Entrepreneur.

The profitability shall vastly improve at sites/ locations where wind/solar resource is high.


There are multiple options to meet the financing requirement:
  • Availing equity support through start-up/CSR funds
  • Easy Bank loans
  • Micro Financing
  • Lease financing
  • It is a project in priority sector - and in virgin field with hardly any competition - as also cash income to ensure loan servicing.

How do I start my business?

All you have to do is purchase this e-Book. A Business Plan cum Techno Economic Project Profile. A complete guide to how to set up a battery Charging Station. It will be your first step towards setting up a new business of your own. CECL will hand hold you through the Project Finalization and up-to Commissioning stages. You have nothing to worry.

Battery Charging Stations

Business Plan cum Techno Economic Project Profile
  • Introduction
  • Business Plan
  • Options for Battery Charging and Utilization
  • Renewable Energy Generation and Storage
  • Energy Requirement for Battery Charging
  • Financial Aspects
  • Action Plan
  • Reference List Of Resource Agencies/Organisations

Some question you would like to be answered

What is the cost?

This comprehensive report would be sent by email on receipt of payment @ Rs. 2240/- for full payment and @ Rs. 2016/- for Freshers / Educational Institutions (inclusive of GST).

How to obtain it?

This would be supplied by email on receipt of payment. You have to register and make online payment. Freshers can jointly buy this report.

Incase you desire to obtain the copy through offline mode send RTGS to :

Consolidated Energy Consultants Limited
A/C no. 030102000028918
RTGS - IBKL0000030
IDBI Bank, Bhopal

Along with details to be emailed to bp@cecl.in or ceclbp2019@gmail.com


By Demand Draft favouring "Consolidated Energy Consultants Limited" payable at Bhopal.

What is Booking date?

You can place your order alongwith payment to CECL vide our portal.

When would it be available?

The report shall be sent to you by email within 2 - 3 working days.

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Technical Integrity

We are CECL. Consolidated Energy Consultants Limited (CECL) is a highly reputed consultancy firm with more than three decades of experience in providing Turn Key Technical Services for Wind-farm Projects.

We have provided services to 350+ Clients for 600+ Projects. The client base includes national, international - government, private and PSUs and banking institutions and organizations.

Besides Design, Engineering, Supervision of Projects we also have experience in Operation and Maintenance of Wind farm Projects. We have been providing Consultancy services to Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Sources (MNRE) for: : Stand Alone Small Wind Turbine : Wind Solar Hybrid Projects in North-East, Leh and Kargil : Village Electrification through Biomass Gasifier system

CECL has been publishing encyclopedia "Directory Indian Wind Power" for past 18 years.

Should you need to know more about us, please click here or go to cecl.in now.

Financial Integrity

You shall be amazed to know that we have a Joint Sector Company - M.P.Windfarms Limited (MPWL) where we own 51% Share Holding and Government of India owns 24%. MPWL is the only Company in India where the Government of India is a minority Share Holder.

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