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ABOUT C.E.C.L. Consolidated Energy Consultants Ltd (CECL) is a major wind energy consultant in India providing comprehensive Technical Services exclusively to the emerging field of Renewable Energy Sources with core area being conversion of Wind Energy to produce pollution-free electricity. CECL has been associated with Wind Energy Programme in India from day one. CECL has been actively associated as a prime wind energy consultant with formulation of policies, implementation of Demonstration Projects, preparation of Master Plans, study of Investment potential etc. for the entire panorama related with Wind Power generation for large size grid connected generators to wind-diesel hybrid system and even smallest stand-alone battery charger.

During nearly three decades, the CECL has provided various consultancy services for wind energy projects from conceptualization to implementation as also on formulation of strategic plans to over 125 organisations involved in harnessing wind power.

CECL has a strong engineering base of highly experienced engineers and wind energy experts of various disciplines (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical) at various levels. Total experience of engineering staff is more than 400 man-years. Some of the engineers have more than 40 years of experience in their field. In addition to this, total experience of engineers of M.P. Windfarms is more than 250 man-years.

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) has registered CECL as partner of REEEP. CECL has also been registered as a Service Provider for Carbon Finance at the World Bank. CECL is closely associated with COWIconsult, the largest Consultancy Organization in Denmark and is also a member of consortium of consultants approved by European Union.







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